Sunday, 28 April 2013

Flight Combat with Pro Flight Simulator

Pro Flight Simulator is much more of a practical application compared to other simulation games. Created to be as much as it can to reality regarding flight conditions, airplane tendencies, alignments and landscapes.

This flight simulator was notcabley more detailed by those players who regularly played flight simulators. Its fully professional details and realistic terrains and real airports of over 20,000 throughout the world. Over 120 aircraft including airlners, F16\'s, Concords and more.

After ordering this game I received four extra products that you dont get with other flight simulators

1: Kelpie Flight Plotter
2: Interactive landscape designer
3: Free Combat Flight Simulator Video Game
4: Professional Flying Instruction Manual.

The online components are extremely well intergrated. The exceptional development of the chatting and flying components will blow your mind!

The makers are so confident in their product that If by any chance you are unhappy with Pro Flight Simulator there is a 60 day money back guarantee. Making it a super safe buy for you to try out..

Finally the Pro Flight Simulator comes with free updates not available with many of the opposition flight sims. Making this one again top value for your money

The Disadvantages:

The file takes a long time to download if you happen to have a slow internet connection. If this is the case there is an alternative of the DVD release of the program. With so many different aircrafts and maps. It can be a bit confusing when downloading.

The downloads are ordered by category so once you begin, it is easier to get into this game.

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